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Baseball what we love

Baseball what we love


Sports is one of the major activities that people all over the world engage in. This has brought different races,nations and even continents to mutually co-exist with each other. Without further trifies, my main focus is on Baseball of which can be simply and briefly defined as a game played between two teams,each team has a number of nine players. To add to that,it's played with a bat and ball. teams take turns at bat trying to score runs.


Under this I'm going to broadly and exhaustively discuss the necessary baseball requirements. A list of these is highlighted below and to be expounded clearly later; these are Bat , Gloves, Catcher's r mitt, Cather's set, Baseball Apparel & uniforms, great baseball backpack, Baseball cleats, Baseballs, & Baseball field equipment.

1.)  Bat

Refers to either a wooden (smooth) or metal club used to hit the ball after the pitcher makes a throw. A bat has; the barrel and the handle. The barrel is thick, meant for hitting the ball. The barrel narrows as it meets the handle, the handle is thin to allow a tight and good grip by the batter.

2.) Gloves

Batting gloves are an additional batting requirement needed by the batter to enhance a tight grip on the bat and also more or less prevent blistering (through friction and force reaction impacts) the hands of the batter after making a few hits during the game.

3.) Catcher's mitt

These are worn on the hands just like gloves but serve a different purpose to the gloves-more or less. They are a requirement by the catcher. They act as shock absorbents and prevent injury to the catcher's hands considering the speed and force with which the baseball is at, after the batter hits it.

4.) Catcher's set

These are the baseball protective gears required by the catcher,they include:

  • i)Leg guards-protects the knees from injury by the baseball in case it deviates from direction or rather the catcher misses.
  • ii) Chest Protector- protects the chest and stomach from injury by the baseball in case it deviates from direction or rather the catcher misses.
  • iii) Catcher's Helmet- protects the head from injury by the baseball in case it deviates from direction or rather the catcher misses.
  • iv) Catcher's accessories- these are more protective gears that may be used by the catcher and they include : Stealth/Surge C-helmet back plate, Knee saver,Stealth speed shoulder caps,Surge shoulder caps,Catcher helmet straps,Natural groin protector,Leg guard strap,Natural shoulder cap,catchers throat guard.

5.) Baseball

Apparel and uniforms Refers to the uniforms worn by the players during the game to represent each team and differentiate the two by variation in colors or other variations. These uniforms include: Baseball shirts,Baseball pants,Baseball sliding shorts,Baseball belts,Baseball socks and Baseball arm sleeves.

6.) Baseball Cleats

These are footwear or rather shoes worn by the team players during the game.



Baseball unlike Olympics is not a widely practiced game within the world but only in various nations. Regardless,the game is utterly interesting to watch and play.


Requires precision and patience to learn and of all, passion. Baseball gears are quite expensive but depends with the brand and they are of great importance to the players since without them the game might be such a risk to the players. All these gears should be put into consideration for every game.